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Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer: Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Skin Cancer? - An Algorithm for Diagnosis
This algorithm guides you in determining what types of lesions may be of concern, and what signs your dermatologist looks for in diagnosing skin cancer. Lesions which may be of concern may very well be something other than skin cancer, and these differential diagnoses are explored further below. Read more

Prevent Skin Cancer: Sun Protection
The key to saving lives from Skin Cancer is twofold: Prevention and Early Detection. Read more

Skin Cancer Risk Detection
Melanin is the pigment in your skin responsible for tanning but it has many other functions including absorbing ultraviolet radiation (UVR), scattering UVR, protecting your DNA form UVR etc. The word melanin is like coffee or tea in that there are many different types of melanin. Not all types of melanin can carry out the various functions as well as others. Read more

Skin Cancer Self-Examination
The purpose of self-examination is to assist in the early diagnosis of skin cancer. Read more

Recognize Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Images

Actinic Keratosis: Image-1   Actinic Keratosis: Image-2   Basal Cell Cancer: Image-1   Basal Cell Cancer: Image-2   Squamous Cell Cancer: Image 1   Squamous Cell Cancer: Image 2   Melanoma: Image 1   Melanoma: Image 2